A Low-Tech Girl In A High-Tech World



I’m just a girl

Staring at her computer

Crying because she can’t figure out how to upload photos onto her iMac from her iPhone.

The SOLE purpose of spending months worth of car payments on a singular computer was for this.  And this ain’t happening.  Not at the moment at least.

Well, I suppose I’ll just need to find a new purpose for this new fangled contraption.  ……

I’m thinking.  I’m thinking……..and—-LIGHT BULB!

For years I’ve considered running a marathon, and it looks like I can now!!!  This obscenely large screen is about to make that dream come true.  I’ll just need a few things before I start this marathon life, on my otherwise useless computer.  I’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to it too, since this is apparently not going to work out.

Now the big questions-  food for marathons?  Popcorn?  Burgers? Little crackers shaped like fish? Also, I’ll need to stay hydrated.  Very important.  There’s that oldie but a goodie- water.  Iced tea (I am from the South), Dr. Pepper, root beer floats….

Then there’s the biggest question of all…… which tv series should I binge?

Wait….you didn’t think I meant I’d start running marathons did you?

And they laughed and they laughed and they laughed some more.  

Nope, no more blogging for me.  It was a great week but it’s time for Netflix.  I might not be able to figure out how to load my pictures, but I totally know how to pull up Netflix (I think), and binge watch One Tree Hill.  Totally acceptable right?

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

The only issue is that’s not where I want to go.  I want to go higher.  I want to do this.  (I’ll totally do the Netflix marathon too).

So, here I am.  A low-tech girl in a high-tech world.

Thankfully, I have an amazing tech guy. Super smart, patient,  and he’s really cute too.  (Don’t flip out.  He’s my husband.)

And it’s funny – before I even turned on the computer this afternoon, I had a plan.  I knew what I’d blog about for this post.  Then I sat down, started trying to upload the photos from my phone that I wanted to use, and stalemate. Instant impasse.  You shall not pass.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.  Cue the marathon. Take the high road, quit, cut your losses. Fry some pickles to go with those root beer floats.

Or….. keep going. (And fry some pickles to celebrate.)


Fried Pickles in all of their greasy glory.

I’ll get it eventually.  My tech guy and I will have a nice little chat.  He’ll teach me his ways and I’ll be sharing photos like nobody’s business.  Until then,  I’ll stop and just be still for a moment.

And in that moment, in the quiet, that still small voice rings clear and true.

Just be you.  Be the you I called you to be.

So, this is me.  Figuring things out one step at a time, and I think we can all relate, right?  It resonates within each of us, and that’s why I’m writing all of this.  It’s why in just a moment I’ll press that publish button.  Not because it’s perfect (it’s not).  Not because I’ve found all the answers and want to offer them to you (I haven’t and I can’t).  No, I’m going to share this in all of it’s imperfect glory because sometimes we need to be reminded that things worth doing aren’t always easy.  Nor are they quick.

I have so many ideas. So. Many.  There’s so much I want to say, to share, and to do.  And I think in the midst of this, He just reminded me- it’ll all come in His time.  To not give up, to keep moving forward.  So the going might get tough.  I might feel completely unqualified, but I’m going to just keep going.  I’ll learn more.  I’ll share more.  And that’s enough.

And if my Tech Guy can’t help me out, there’s always the kids.


Even the eight year old knows more about my computer than me.

I’ll leave you with this- I wonder – what’s something you want, something you’re aiming for but at times find yourself standing at the proverbial fork in the road, unsure if you should keep on the path.  Share in the comments below.

Have an amazing week, my friends.  I’ll see you again soon.


12 thoughts on “A Low-Tech Girl In A High-Tech World

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  2. I totally know the feeling. I have joked the only reason I married my husband was because he was good with computers. And he has joked he married me to keep up with the new technology since I break it… Always!! Great post! Can’t wait for next week!

  3. Love it!! Your doing awesome! Something I want is to open a Dance studio…..oh and to make my house look like a home.

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