These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things….

I don’t know about you, but I love to shop.  Here you’ll find five of my favorite stores.

And the first one is………




My husband is often left standing in the parking lot, empty-handed after an hour of strolling through Target, scratching his head. The following conversation is carried out 7 out of 10 times.

Him: “What did we come here for?”

Me: takes a quick drink of my frappuccino “Nothing”

Him: “Nothing?”

Me: nods head while taking a longer sip of that frothy goodness

Him:  “Did we need anything?”

Me: “No.”

Him: contemplates stealing my drink “If we didn’t need anything, why did we drive all the way across town?”

Me: stares at him with a ‘DUH’ look on my face, while handing him my drink because I owe him that much at least “Uh, it’s Target!”

Him: huge sigh before walking away, my drink still in his sneaky hands

But seriously, does one really need to have a reason to go?  I happily go just to stroll through and gaze lovingly at all the pretty things.  Sometimes I go back and buy those things. Such was the case very recently.

I walked in there armed with $20 and a purpose —  to buy something for my new venture (this blogging  and design consulting stuff).

After thirty minutes of dragging my husband down aisles, hemming and hawing over a desktop filer holder (so pretty) versus a memo board (not so pretty, but practical) I had settled on the file holder.  Happy with my soon to be purchase, we headed towards the front of the store.

And passed by the cookie jars.


How I managed to not give in to his come hither gaze for an entire year is beyond me, especially when you consider the fact that he’s only $19.99!!




Look how happy Norbert is! Of course that might be because he’s holding chocolates.  That adorable candy bowl beside him ($3 in that front area at Target) should hold the candy- but then the kids eat it all. Norbert is guarding my treasure.

And this perfectly sums up why I love Target, and why my husband refuses to get in the car with me anymore.  (I’m just kidding. Kinda)  But really, there’s just so much  eye candy there. Some of it is beyond my reach financially, but if I can’t take it home with me, I’ll just continue to gaze at it.

Who knows, maybe one day as I stroll through with my frothy cup of goodness in one hand, and the hand of my bemused husband in the other, I’ll catch one of those out of reach items on clearance.  Like this darling cabinet.  I came across the teal one a few years back and bought the floor model for about $60.  SCORE!


And speaking of beauties.  Meet Betsy the cow.  After my not so subtle hints to the man  on our innumerous visits through this next store, my husband finally gave in, and on Christmas morning I found myself face to face with this bovine cutie.  Courtesy of my sweet man and favorite store number two…..

Hobby Lobby

My house is like a miniature Hobby Lobby showcase.  I’m not ashamed.  With a constant rotation of 50% , 40%, and 30% off deals how can I possibly resist?

Just like the cookie jar and the teal cabinet (and good ol’ Betsy), a lot of the items I eventually take home, I made googly eyes at for a good year or so.  Like this awesome shelf with baskets. It’s been two years now, and I’m still in love.


And it’s not just for coffee mugs, though it does well housing my ever growing collection.  I’ve also used it to hold hats and mittens (in the baskets) and coats and bags (from the hooks). Super sturdy.  Totally worth the whole price, but my oh my I’m so glad I only paid half of that.

Of course, I have made a few impulse buys like these four white vases.



At 40% off each, I took home all four for less than $10. And speaking of impulse buys, I couldn’t resist the white fox a year or so later found him in the clearance aisle for about $4!!! Holla!

Actually everything in this picture is from Hobby Lobby except for the gorgeous white owl vase.  She’s from my next favorite store…..



How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways.

  1. From shoes to throw pillows to little metal frogs who hold welcome signs.  You offer a little bit of everything.
  2. And you offer it for just a little (most of the time).  I can actually afford to shop here.  My most recent purchase? This adorable white metal shelf unit that was less than $50.    IMG_0430Even more affordable than that?  Your clothes which brings me to reason number three……
  3.  I love clothes, only it would seem most stores don’t love me.  But Ross, oh dear Ross, you do, and I speak on behalf of all the big, beautiful fashionistas when I say THANK YOU.  Seriously, thank you thank you thank you.   Your affordable prices mean I have enough left in my pocket to jump next door to favorite store number four……..


Ross and Marshall’s for me go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Like coffee and pie.  Like leggings and sports bras.  Like…well you get the idea.  I can’t go to one without going to the other.

Marshall’s has some of the cutest home decor items, especially for this girl.  Admittedly, their price point is a little higher than Ross, but it’s definitely well worth it.  Cruising through their clearance aisle always ends with me standing before the cashier singing Brittany Spear’s ‘Oops I Did It Again’ in my head.  Every. Single. Time.

Like when I came upon these pineapple chairs (only one is shown in the picture.)


I spy with my little eye, a cute little froggy guy.  Mr. Frog from Ross agrees that the quirky chairs from the store next door were the perfect addition to our front porch.

No regrets baby. No regrets.

And the last on my list?


In the poetic words of Macklemore…Imma pop some tags.

That’s right yo.  Thrift shopping is my jam. (And apparently, the eight year old wearing the tiger hat who is dancing to the clean version as I type this all out agrees….)

Photographic proof ya’ll

Look, we’re a family of six on one income, so this is a no brainer. I mean, $28 dollar hard back books for just $3.50? Clothes for everyone, even the dog for next to nothing? Yeah baby. Sign me up.

Cruising through my local Saver’s is a never-ending source of entertainment, and is often a part of our date night itinerary.  Our most hilarious experience was just a few months ago when we walked past the photo albums.  My husband picked up a light blue baby album, and opened it up.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was not empty.

And it wasn’t just cute head shots.  Well, I mean you could see the head too……. I’ll let that sink in for you.  Did it just click?  Did your eyes widen in horror?  If so, then yes, you got my drift. So did the cashier when we brought it to his attention.

In my defense, I did warn him not to open it.

I look forward to hearing from you! So give a shout out below and tell me your favorite stores to shop at and why.




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