I Like To Move It, Move It


Oh how I love moving

Let me count the ways




I don’t think there’s a person on this planet who actually loves the moving process, and if there is and it’s you? Well, feel free to come over and help me.  Seriously.


Even Fat Cat (Shade) is feeling the effects of packing.

January 17, 2018: We received the email that we’d been waiting for since November. The move up north that we’d only been dreaming of for over eight years was finally happening. All we needed to do was reply back that we indeed wanted to accept the offer and we’d be on our merry way- in three months.

We jumped onto the roller coaster of change, strapped in and went for a ride.  There was the foreboding climb up first.  Should we accept?  Is this what God wants for us?  I mean we prayed, we sought.  Did we find? What if this wasn’t the right move for us (no pun intended)?  It’s amazing how you can be dreaming and hoping for something for so long and yet when it finally comes, everything is suddenly so hazy.  Our direction was so clear when it was all hypothetical.

Goodbye clarity, hello uncertainty.

Then we reached the top, the peak of the roller coaster, where we seized the moment and soared with the confidence that this was His direction. The elation! The excitement!  We were finally on our way.  After a decade in the desert, we would finally get somewhere that had all four seasons again.

This part of the roller coaster only lasts for so long because soon we had reached the descent.


The ugly reality of dealing with this.  It took two Advils, three hours, and four million boxes but this no longer looks like this- just take my word for it. It’s still a mess, but an organized mess.

The realities of the move, every minuscule detail, each logistical issue just plunged us down further and faster.  Fear of the unknown had dread plummeting down into our very souls faster than the ride could take us, but soon the thrill once again kicked in and with screams of wild abandon we threw our hands up in the air and embraced it.

Until we reached the bottom where we were left with boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.


I’m convinced our stuff is really a colony of rabbits disguised as inanimate objects, mating and multiplying at night.  For every box I packed, there seemed to be fifty more waiting for me.  I’m this close to being on a first name basis with the staff of Lowe’s.  Soon you’ll find my picture on their wall of MVC’s. Most Valued Customer.  Okay, I’m totally making that up, but if they did have such a thing, I’d be on it.  My picture framed with bubble wrap.  Like this kind that takes a large mercury glass bowl and turns it into this.


Why yes, I left myself little notes of encouragement for when we begin unpacking…..Tired me will appreciate sarcastic me’s gesture.  Trust me.




 Balboa Mist is ready to neutralize. I’ll miss the yellow, but I’ll soon have a tangerine dining room in Maine. (More on that later)


I’d love to write more, but the painters will be here tomorrow and I’m nowhere near ready for them.  I’d pour myself a cup of coffee and just stay right here, but I need to move my chair into the garage.  That and I packed up all of my coffee mugs.  I have a lot of coffee mugs.  (Actually I’m exaggerating , my chair is safe for now, and I left out a couple of mugs for that sweet sweet nectar of life.)

Hey! Drop a line.  Entertain me with your harrowing stories of when you moved.  Whether it was across the country or just across town, I want to hear from you.  Bonus points if you make me laugh. IMG_3248 I’ll reward you with a cup of coffee.  I saved a mug just for you.  It’s the large one with the picture of a cow wearing glasses.

You’re welcome.

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