Ain’t No Day Like A Paint Day

Just a teeny tiny post.  A glimpse if you will into the chaos that is my Saturday.   After spending all of Friday patching up walls and ceilings, the awesome crew of Gonzalez Painting began the biggest and most important step in getting our house ready for sale. Every room (except our front room and family room) is getting a dose of Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist.

I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant when they first started painting.  What if the color isn’t as great as I thought?  Will it blend well with my greige front room and light blue family room? The backsplash? I decided to just see how it goes and throw all my nervous energy into the impending yard sale.

Today was yard sale day and as I slowly climbed out of bed, I couldn’t help but wish we’d decided to start our yard sale at nine o’clock instead of eight.  Then I could’ve slept in until seven instead of six o’clock.  It was so early, that even the sun wasn’t up yet.

Four hours and four boxes later and we were done. Normally I end yard sale day with a quick drive to our local Savers to donate the leftovers, but this time around I finally got wise and called a local ministry to come by and pick up the four boxes stuffed with clothes and shoes that didn’t make the cut.


And while we’re talking boxes: this was what greeted me this morning. Yay me.  Hours later it’s still crazy but not this crazy.


Or as crazy as this human cat who spent the entire morning climbing walls.


Speaking of crazy check out this lamp a friend’s daughter gave me for Christmas.

After a couple hours of allowing King Frog to bask in the sun, I decided I’d go ahead and take him up north to Maine and give him a spot of honor. He’s so hideous he’s handsome.


But not as handsome as my house will be. Once we finish up with the painting.  I’m already looking into our next project for Operation Sell Our House.  Light fixture updates for our kitchen and family room.  I have a feeling that by the end of the house facelift, I’m going to wish we were staying.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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