A Room With A View

Good morning!

Thought I’d share my view this morning. It’s actually ten times better than what it looked like as we went to bed last night.

Last night it was a sea of boxes and stacks of computer gaming discs that hadn’t seen the light of day in years.

You see that door?

That innocuous, plain white door?

Pandora’s Box.

That’s what you’re looking at. But wait! There’s actually two of them.

Those are our master suite closets and they were ugly. So ugly I only contemplated taking a picture of their innards for a split second before discarding that ridiculous idea.

Just take my word on this. It was bad. Like, we could’ve found Jimmy Hoffa’s body bad.

One of the biggest things you can do when staging your home to sell is to declutter. Trust me on this. Huge impact and best yet? It’s free!

It will cost you in self-respect and energy, but do it. Just maybe don’t do it at eleven o’clock at night…..


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