Playing Photographer For A Day

We’re down to the wire here at Casa Dulinsky.

Just ten more days and the place we called home for a decade will just be a longing glance in the rear view mirror.

Our last days here have been an ever increasing whir of activity. So when a good friend invited me along to take senior photos of her daughters, I screamed yes, grabbed my camera and jumped into the car.

We have a few more locations and poses to shoot, but we ran out of time today. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the week sneaking in an hour here and there with some very, very special people.

I had fun pretending to be some professional photographer- and yes, I yelled out crazy cues and spun the camera frantically.

It was a blast, but sheesh. Talk about a workout. Can we call that my cardio?

Anyhow here’s a little sample of the fun we had today.


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