Looking Back To Tombstone

Just three and half months ago our little tribe was in southern Arizona on a mini-vacation.   We enjoyed two nights and three days at the amazing Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch before loading up the car with souvenirs and driving  back to Las Cruces, New Mexico; our home for just over a decade.

The kids chattered excitedly about their experience and the horses they’d fallen in love with as we made the four hour drive home.  With each mile they talked excitedly about one day returning.  We listened from the front seat and answered that, yes, we’d love to go back, but to remember it might be awhile.

When we’d started off on our little weekend jaunt we had left knowing we might soon hear the long awaited news of whether or not we would be relocating across the country.  We just didn’t realize how soon we’d hear it.  Of course, there was always the chance we wouldn’t hear anything, which would signify that we would be staying right where we were. For the time being at least.

We arrived home Tuesday night and within twenty four hours we were breaking the news to family and friends that we had indeed received the transfer. The next three months was a whirlwind of activity, though at times it felt as if time stood still.  It was during these moments I couldn’t help but wonder if we’d ever actually get to our new home, to our new city and to new adventures.

As I sit here and write this, I am just on the brink of May at 11:55 pm.  It’s been exactly a week since we signed on our new home up here in Maine.  Two weeks since we hugged and kissed friends and family good-bye.

My how time flies.

I have my office partially set up and decided to commemorate the occasion by going through photos here on my computer and editing them.  Obviously I couldn’t resist sharing them with all of you.

It is now midnight.

May your May be filled with memories, but until then here’s a few of mine.IMG_0438IMG_0064.jpgIMG_0445IMG_0052IMG_0283IMG_0287IMG_2386IMG_0078IMG_0304IMG_0305



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