A Day With Friends

New memories are being made here in Houlton, Maine; many of those featuring new friends that God has brought into our lives. And He’s brought some great ones.

Like this rockstar right here.Meet Jess C. ~ Mama of five, drinker of coffee, and owner of one of the most gorgeous smiles I’ve ever seen.

It was friendship at first sight when she walked into my home for a homeschoolers game day just a little over a month ago.

We bonded over coffee and chaos and it’s been weekly coffee breaks since.  It was during one of these mornings of conversation and coffee that we got to talking about family photo sessions.  By the time our cups were empty and our energy levels full, we had a date set and we were ready to go.

IMG_4169We met up in the quaint downtown of our very own “Mayberry” and spent two hours making memories.  We weren’t sure if the weather was on our side when the day first began, but we pushed through and decided that the slightly overcast day was perfect for our shenanigans.


We started the morning off by walking up to the public library.  The weathered gray brick with the green door, not to mention all of the green grass to roll around on, was an ideal place to let the kids run free and get into the spirit of things.


IMG_4279After a brief bout of horseplay, I acted as referee and called a timeout.

Before meeting up with Jess and her crew, I stopped by the store to buy a small pack of bubbles to surprise the kids with.

The smiles made it all worthwhile.

There’s just something so ethereal and whimsical about bubbles floating in the air. IMG_4528

Once we ran out of bubbles (and steam) we made our way once more down Main Street and headed for Gateway Crossing. Where I had a few more tricks up my sleeve.




My trusty old frame came in handy that day.  As well as a piece of wall art I had yet to find a spot for in our new home. IMG_4722.jpg

Of course, we had fun just getting over the bridge.

Just looking at these last ones has me ready to pack up my gear and head back over for a photo session with my own girls, so don’t be surprised to find some posted later one.  Until then, here’s a few from the end of our session in a dreamy spot next to the river.


Remember when I said I had more tricks up my sleeve?  It was actually two cans of silly string.  Can you guess who I gave those to at the end of the session?



3 thoughts on “A Day With Friends

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  2. I love this post. It seems like you are really embracing life up north. I am so happy for you, and am loving watching your life unfold from where we are.

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