The Pursuit of Happiness- A Perfectly Patriotic Photoshoot

What better way to commemorate a friendship than a photographic post?  A patriotic one at that.

A few weeks ago I got to do just that with my new friend and her kids.

Brittany and I met through a community group page for spouses.  Our husbands share the same career and for the C.’s (I don’t like sharing last names) it had them moving across the country right to where we are. She had many of the same questions I had found myself asking not long ago and this quickly became the glue for our bond.

Fast forward to today.

Exactly one month (well give or take a day or so) has passed since the C.’s arrived, and just 2 weeks since we met up downtown for a patriotic photo shoot.

Every parade needs kids and this one wasn’t lacking in that area.  Meet five cool kids who have quickly found a way into my heart.

We started our afternoon photoshoot with our version of that iconic Beatles cover art.  Ah Abbey Road, we didn’t even get close.  But we still had fun.IMG_6853




The three year old had a lot of fun.


By the time we threw in the towel we were all ready for a break and the nearby steps of a local bank provided the perfect backdrop for the first of many group photos.


Our afternoon was full of smiles, flags and other fun props.


IMG_7253The twins were big fans of the wands and pinwheels.



At times we needed a little bit of wind power, and since Brittany is full of hot air….
(dear Brittany, don’t kill me- I couldn’t resist.)

We found our second wind after a few poses in front of a fountain surrounded by flowers that were perfect for our patriotic theme.

Our energy restored, we made our way across the Gateway Crossing and ended our fun with poses, playing and popsicles.




Here’s to our one month friend-aversary, may there be many more.

IMG_6857 2


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