When God Says Clean? You Clean.

So a funny thing happened in the past twenty-four hours.

I’ve been wanting a new living room set for a long time. Especially since moving here. I haven’t been in a rush though at times I felt more impatient than usual. Yesterday was sort of in the middle.

It just kept popping into my mind. And each time,following that thought would be a reminder to myself that it’ll happen when it should. That my God is a provider.

And then another thought kept coming to my mind. Clean the coffee nook area. Always right after thinking of the sofa situation.

First time it drifted through the maze that’s my mind I went into the kitchen and began to remove everything from the little nook. Benches. Table. Everything.

I swept. I mopped. Then I left it to dry.

Later. Same thing. Thinking of the sofas, then the coffee nook. So I pull out THE BASKET. You know the one. The landing zone for all things paper. Ads, bills, junk mail.

So there I am- purging paper, tossing receipts from Nixon’s term (just kidding, but you get the idea) and my hands land upon an unopened piece of mail from Wells Fargo.

I almost didn’t open it. How many times had I received such an envelope only to open it and discover yet another offer for low APR and what have you.

But this time? This time I opened it. I’m so glad I did.

Inside? An escrow check.

From June.

Now. I know. I know. This next part will have you thinking we’re frivolous and small minded, but I promise it’s not so. (At least in this instance). The money wasn’t burning a hole in my pocket, but a thought was knocking on my door.

The lack of living room furniture. The constant thought to clean and in the end find this money.

We decided hey if that’s not a sign what is? Let’s just go to that furniture store that’s going out of business and see what they’ve got.

Now originally we were looking for a sectional, but we decided a sofa set was just more flexible. Especially since I’m constantly rearranging. Not to mention budget friendly. (The sofa set vs sectional; not me.)

Well. We found a set and we basically got both for the price of the couch. Ka-Ching ka-Ching!! And it arrived first thing this morning.

I can’t help but think, if we’d opened that check two months ago we’d have ended up using it for something else. Also, if we had gone couch shopping, we wouldn’t have found that just right one for just the right price.

So as I sit here on this cloud of comfort, I can’t help but think of what I call monuments. Little testaments of God working in my life. Even at times like this where it’s something shallow and materialistic.

Moments like this, and even the sale of our previous home, and indeed, the purchase of this one stand firmly upfront in my mind. Proud sentinels pointing to His provision. His timing.

And His Whisper.

When God tells you to go clean, you go clean.


2 thoughts on “When God Says Clean? You Clean.

  1. Thank you!! I’ve gotta give Tim the credit for that. He drew my attention to this set, my eyes were on a few others but this really is the most perfect choice.

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