Hello 2019

“A new year, a new me!”

“This year is going to be different!”

We’re four days into a new year, but I’m still me. Not much is different so far except I’m no longer writing 2018 on papers or checks. Well, I probably am, but I’m also making the stock for WhiteOut skyrocket….

This first week of the year didn’t find me rushing out to join a gym, or scheduling a hair appointment with a local salon; my wallet wasn’t weeping as I forked over dollar upon dollar for shiny new planners.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these by the way, I just didn’t feel compelled to do so.

Do I want to be healthier? Do I want this year to be different? Do I want to be different? Yes to all. But there’s no magic formula that yields instant results. It’s a journey.

That journey doesn’t have a specific origin date nor is there an expiration date. No finish line awaits me on this journey called life. At least, not one labeled “Way to go, you achieved every goal you supreme winner you.”

Maybe 2019 will find me embarking on a makeover or jamming to music in an aerobics class. Maybe I’ll finally get my act together and be more organized (hey, stranger things have happened.) who knows?

I do know this- this year I want to stop looking back and allowing mistakes of years past define me. This year I’m going to strive to spend more time in God’s presence. This year I’m going to live that abundant life He gave me.

And sleep in more. Definitely doing that.

My prayer for you my dear readers is that this year you live, laugh, and love more. And visit my blog more. Who are we kidding?

Thank you for reading and for sharing (hint hint) and as always, thank you for being you.

Speaking of you, throw a comment or two down below! Got any resolutions for 2019? Anything you hope to achieve? Share below!

Happy New Year!


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