Double Trouble

Meet the Twins.  They’re fun, five, and full of sugar.

No, literally.

Note to self- when babysitting your friend’s twins, do not – I repeat- do not. For. All. That. Is. Holy….do an impromptu photo session after they’ve just consumed what had to have been the world’s largest chocolate chip cookie.

It started out as a noble idea.  You see, with Mother’s Day less than a month away I thought I’d be the coolest friend ever and surprise my dear, sweet friend with a gift.

Yeah, I know.  In my defense, I’m pretty sure my siblings dropped me on my head a time or two when I was little……

Here’s a few of the photos.  It was in the midst of this sugar induced shoot that my flawless plan became flawed.  I forgot one very important fact about five year olds.

They can not keep secrets. Ever.

Me: camera in hand  “Remember, don’t tell mom.  It’s a secret”

Twin 1: squeals with excitement….or sugar high spiral “I can’t wait to tell her!!”

Twin 2: equally sugared up “Yes!!! We’re going to tell her!”

So….I beat them to it.  Once I got them calm enough to sit still I went to work and here below you’ll find a few of the calmer ones.   And if you’re wondering “Summer is constantly doing black and white photos…why?”  Well, because I like them.  And I hope you will too.  Especially the last one.  That’s a favorite of mine and their mom’s.


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