The Price Is Right

Yard sales for the WIN!

I scored this awesomely huge tv stand for …are you ready for this?….$10. Whaaaaat?! It has tons of storage for our components and dvd baskets and the red color compliments the fireplace. Not to mention it tones down the walls (haven’t gotten around to painting yet).

Aaaaaand that’s that.

mainly because I pressed the publish button on accident. Note to self- no happy dances while editing. Ha!

So I’m updating real quick. This is what we had there. See how messy it all looked? Not to mention there was no dvd storage. I love this shelf – a $75 find on Amazon prime. I had bought it for my kitchen breakfast nook, but had repurposed it when we needed a taller tv stand.

I am happy to report all is right in the world now. Well, in our house. For now. I do seem to love rearranging.

This $10 stand isn’t going anywhere though. It’s too heavy.


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