Can We Be Candid?

If you’ve checked out my recent blog posts, then this kid will look familiar.IMG_4596

Mr. Zach W (I don’t like to divulge last names) and I did an hour long photo session not long ago, but we didn’t do just one location- oh no, we did three.  This young man has a lot of personality and it can’t be contained to just one spot.

We started at the old Watson Settlement Bridge in nearby Littleton, Maine.


The majority of those were converted to black and white and can be seen here.

We then made our way to the library on Main Street.  This is one of my favorite locations for photo sessions. The somber gray paired with that rich, deep green is just too good to be true.  And paired with Zach’s navy blazer?  It was a no brainer.


We ended our session up on the hill at a place that means a lot to both of us,  Military Street Baptist church.   We did the last portion of the session on the church grounds, but were not able to do any inside the church.  The day had been cloudy at times but with it getting close to sunset we were spot on to get shots such as this one below.


We ended up with almost 100 pictures for Zach to pick and choose from.  Many are portrait worthy such as these.


We could just leave it there, but you see, that just wouldn’t be doing this guy justice.  He’s got big dreams, a big faith and a big personality. And really great sock style- like these- which I’ve gotta say are the most tame pair I’ve seen on him….I was kind of hoping they were his taco socks.


You’ve seen the majority of his portraits and now?  Now, it’s time to be candid.



Fun fact: Zach was elected as the 2019 Maine Youth Governor.


Mustard Seed Creations – 2019





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