I love you banana split you must know, but once I take this last bite you’ve gotta go.

I already stole the cherry- plucked it from the top.

And those  luscious sweet strawberries were the cream of the crop.

I relished in your creamy dreams, even while I mourned the loss.

They forgot the nuts and I’m split.  Do I enjoy this divine confection or do I choose grief?

I should have gone to Dairy Queen.

This is a rewrite of an old poem I wrote on Wattpad.  You can find it here under a  Collection of my Chicken Scratch.



The day she danced

The music played

The children laughed

The willows swayed.


Arms lifted high

Her hair left down

Wild abandon

A carefree smile.


The day she danced

Her heart-song grew

The pain was gone

The old was new.

Written by: Summer Dulinsky 

A Tree in the Silence

And then there was the quiet

The quiet and me

The day is done

The people gone

And I’m standing like a tree.

The people

The voices

The validations

And the songs.

They left me

They’re finished

The crowd of fans has gone.

And then there was the quiet

And I was left with me

No longer was there comfort

I was standing like a tree.

Written by: Summer Dulinsky 

The Fall

The fall was not sudden

When she first saw the hole.

Her ruin was not written,

Her story not yet told.

Her heart was not broken

Neither was it whole.

Her faith had been shaken,

And the devil took hold.

When steps are first taken

When the truth grows old,

Lies are then spoken.

Straw spun into gold.

She held out her hand

Sought shelter from the cold.

She tasted the sweet promises,

And tainted her soul.

The fall was not sudden

When she first went below.

But the devil was waiting

To carry her home.

Written by: Summer Dulinsky

My Red Cape

When I grow up, I’m going to save the world.

I’ll wear a red cape and I’ll learn how to fly.

I’ll search the world over for those who are in need.

I’ll fly to their rescue, I’ll pull them from the fire.

They will be happy and thank me for saving their life.

Yes, when I grow up I’m going to save the world.

I’ll give food to those who don’t have any.

I’ll make those who are sad, happy.

I’ll tell them a story, one that will make them glad.

When I grow up I’m going to save the world.

I’ll speak kind words to those who have only heard bad.

I’ll give my heart to those who are hurting.

I’ll wrap my arms around them and take away their hurt.

I’ll listen when they talk.

I’ll give them my shoulder when they need one to cry on.

Yes, when I grow up I’m going to save the world.

I won’t wear a red cape.

And I’ll probably never learn how to fly.

But I can be a friend

To everyone I meet.

Yes, when I grow up I’m going to save the world.

Written by: Summer Dulinsky 


The sky, white and full, millions of snow flakes drifting down.

Unaware of the somber mood, they swirled and twirled falling to the ground with an almost maniacal glee.

Pressing my face to the window, I watched as you walked away. I hoped and I prayed you would turn around.

That you would see me and change your mind.

I hoped you would see my tears, hear my cries. I wanted you to come back. To say you were wrong. To say you loved me; that you wouldn’t go.

But you didn’t.

You never turned back. You never saw my tear stained cheeks, never heard my cries. You walked down the snow-laden walk and climbed into your car. You never glanced back as you drove away. You never stopped to think about me.

And then you were gone.

And I was alone. You would never be there for me again. You would never hear my laughs. You would never hear my cries.

You were gone.

And I didn’t know why.

I stayed there. Looking out that window for hours. Until the sky turned gray. I stayed there, waiting for you to come back. But you didn’t not then or the next day.

I had fallen asleep, the tears drying on my cheeks.

When I woke up the sky was still dark; the house was so still. My throat hurt from crying so I got up. I remember stumbling through the room, my eyes refusing to look where the closet doors stood open.

I didn’t want to see what I already knew. What I hoped wasn’t true. I didn’t want to see the emptiness.

The void that was left by you. I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t want to believe it. So I walked past, not daring to acknowledge the facts. I stepped out into the hallway and walked down the hall.

I paused at her door, and peeked in.

What would I tell her when she woke up?

How would I explain you didn’t want us anymore?

I stepped in and quietly crept towards her bed. My hand reached out as if of it’s own accord; my hand stroking her hair, her brown curls were so much like yours. I was glad she slept. I didn’t know if I could have stood looking into her eyes.

Eyes that were as green as yours.

You left us.

I bent down and kissed our daughter, I reached out and pulled her cover up higher before walking to her door. I cast one last look at her.

You used to call her your angel.

What happened?

Were we not enough?

Down the stairs I crossed to the kitchen. A kettle full of water went on the stove and I opened the cupboard. I saw your mug. The one I bought you for your birthday and with a strangled sob I grasped it..

And threw it at the wall.

My eyes, wild with hurt, searched the room, hungry for anything I could destroy. I wanted no memory of you.

I wanted you, but you left me.

I destroyed the downstairs.

I didn’t stop until it looked as I felt on the inside.


Written by: Summer Dulinsky