That Old Country Road

If you were to look for me on any given Monday evening, you would find me sitting in a covered riding arena, cheering my eleven year old on while she tackled the trot and the canter.  IMG_8329.JPG

Located about ten minutes south of us, this arena has become our second home over the past few months.  IMG_8323.JPG

The farm is nestled between a menagerie of splendor with sweeping pastures and towering trees, and an old dirt road that leads us home.  At least for a few months of the year.IMG_8335.JPG

Mostly unpaved, it’s truly a journey down an old country road.  IMG_8337.jpg

This road will in fact be closing in one month and will not reopen until May of next year. We have roughly four more Mondays to take that path less taken.  Four more Mondays to take a detour through the splendor of Fall. Four more chances to remember to bring along my camera.  Whoops.

Until then, these photos from my cellphone will have to do.


At the end of this old country road we always turn right and head home to Houlton, but to celebrate the first day of October, we chose to turn left and take a detour to Nickerson Lake. In the summer, this is our swimming hole, but yesterday this became our last stop on our Fall Photo Safari.

IMG_8356 2.jpgIMG_8357.jpgIMG_8364.jpgIMG_8366.jpg


Halloween Decor Finds A Home




In Arkansas, the air became crisper.  Leaves transformed from the prevalent  green to glorious hues of red and gold.  Woodsmoke wafted from chimneys as Autumn progressed.

Friday nights were spent on stadium bleachers, bundled up in blankets cheering on the local high school team ~ cups of hot chocolate in our hands helping to ward off the cold.

Weekends were full of old fashioned fun. Bonfires. Hayrides. Trips to the pumpkin patch.

That is Fall to me.

We moved here (southern New Mexico) ten years ago just days before Labor Day weekend.  I didn’t come naive- we’d spent a few years in the Mojave desert in California, nestled between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  I’ve experienced desert Fall before.  I’d hoped it’d be the last.  Or at least just for a few years.

We don’t always get what we want, but our God knows what we need.

If I can’t have my favorite season outside, then I’ll have it inside (and on my porch.)  What better way to greet Fall than to decorate for one of my most favorite holidays?


If I had an unlimited supply of money I’d decorate my home and yard from top to bottom.  Sadly, that’s not an option.  So it’s all about maximizing the minimum.  Stores like Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Target and Walmart help me achieve this.  And it’s not just the Halloween section that I find my holiday treasures. IMG_E0042

The black and white scrolled candlesticks standing proudly before the mirror were a Hobby Lobby find in the candle section. Paired with a glass pumpkin jar and cobwebs (both Walmart), two black spiders from Dollar Tree, and the leftover remnants of a burlap banner and we had a boo-tiful entryway worthy of trick or treaters.

My dollars stretch almost as much as the prominent spider webs.  Nothing says spooky like the one dollar bags of cobwebs.  That or it says I really need to hire a maid.


The wind moved everything and provided us with instant comedy.  I feel as if the ghost on the left is saying “Come at me Bro.”  While the other one either attacks the spider on the pumpkin, or screams in horror.  The jury is still out on that one, but what we can all agree to is that these two specters from Dollar Tree are one of the greatest additions to our ghostly decor.




Simple touches such as mercury glass, candles and skulls can give a space a little taste of ghastly without making your wallet scream.  And foam bat and spider cut outs. IMG_0552



With that money I save, I’m able to take the kids to the local Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch each year with our amazing local homeschool group.  Each family member gets to pick a pumpkin and bring it home.  This ledge is the perfect place to show them off until it’s time to carve them.  14463312_10154228592443813_1552703979981460104_n

You can never go wrong with bats, spiders, pumpkins, and skulls.  Have fun with it and remember, a little can go a long way.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween?  What’s Fall like where you live? Apple cider or Hot Chocolate?  These are the real questions, and you can answer them below in the comments. Even better, visit my Facebook page, and share your Halloween and Fall decor pictures!!!! I’d love to see them.

Until next time, may your Halloween be haunted, and your candy sweet!