Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I was at a Garth Brooks concert with a friend in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Two years ago today, we were headed home when I found out my dad passed away in our hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Two years ago today the world lost a funny, artistic, kind, and intelligent man. One of the world’s best fathers.

He is still loved, he is missed, and every Christmas we stick at least one stuffed animal in the Christmas tree, because that’s what this quirky guy did for as long as I can remember.

I’m grateful for the years we had him. We could’ve lost him before we even knew him.

This guy, a former Marine, an artist, an electronics repairman and so much more- suffered his first aneurysm when he was in his late 20s (I do believe) before he’d even met my mom. It ruptured and he once told me that for decades after, the VA doctors still marveled that he survived.

My grandmother, he told me, helped him rewire his brain through board games like Scrabble and card games. Growing up, these were staples for us. Many hours were spent playing cards and games (Scrabble being a favorite then and still now for me).

So although I’m sad he’s gone, I don’t feel cheated. After all, it’s a miracle we ever “met”.

Captured Moments

I thought today was our youngest daughter’s last ballet lesson here, but it turns out there is one more in April.  Just three days before we pack up the truck and head north.  There will be more lessons and recitals, but there will be only one beginning.  When she started a year and a half ago she walked in with a reserved enthusiasm.  She’ll be leaving next month brimming with confidence and pride.

With that on my mind, I couldn’t resist capturing the moment as she got ready this morning. Even going so far as to actually use my new camera instead of my cellphone.

Her hair took forever to comb and wrangle into a ballerina bun.  Seriously, this girl seems to be going for the dreadlock look every single week. I definitely had to get that on film.



I can’t believe it’s been a year since this last photo was taken.  From her very first recital.

Time moves on, but the memories will always remain.