Fowl Play

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse – Rockland, Maine May 2019

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The Stevens Family in Black and White


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If you’ve been following along this past week then this adorable family will now be familiar to you.  If you’re new (hello!!! Welcome!!!), then this and this are apart of well…this. Go ahead, don’t be shy slide that cursor over there and give it a little click….

Now, scroll down and enjoy the third and final set of photos from our “spring session”.

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We had so much fun that it was only inevitable that we’d end up with so many good shots.  A majority of them are in color, but I couldn’t help but do a few in black and white, I mean how gorgeous are these two close ups of Mama Stevens?IMG_3753 2IMG_3752 2

Some of us enjoyed the session a little more than others….ahem…while a certain Little Stevens wasn’t as impressed with the romance of the moment.

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Thank you again for going on this journey with me and sharing in what was a very wonderful day with new friends.

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That Old Country Road

If you were to look for me on any given Monday evening, you would find me sitting in a covered riding arena, cheering my eleven year old on while she tackled the trot and the canter.  IMG_8329.JPG

Located about ten minutes south of us, this arena has become our second home over the past few months.  IMG_8323.JPG

The farm is nestled between a menagerie of splendor with sweeping pastures and towering trees, and an old dirt road that leads us home.  At least for a few months of the year.IMG_8335.JPG

Mostly unpaved, it’s truly a journey down an old country road.  IMG_8337.jpg

This road will in fact be closing in one month and will not reopen until May of next year. We have roughly four more Mondays to take that path less taken.  Four more Mondays to take a detour through the splendor of Fall. Four more chances to remember to bring along my camera.  Whoops.

Until then, these photos from my cellphone will have to do.


At the end of this old country road we always turn right and head home to Houlton, but to celebrate the first day of October, we chose to turn left and take a detour to Nickerson Lake. In the summer, this is our swimming hole, but yesterday this became our last stop on our Fall Photo Safari.

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