The Artist of My Soul

Paint me a new day,

Oh Artist of my soul.

Create in me a new heart,

As your picture is made whole.


With each stroke of your brush on the canvas that is me,

I secretly hope for a picture of comfort,

A portrait of ease.


But you’re the Master Painter

Your ways are yours alone.

So paint me as you desire,

Oh Lord, let Your will be done.


Swirling, vibrant colors.

Sweeps of greens and blues.

Slashes of red;

Dabs of yellow.

Your vision is made manifest

My heart daily made new.


Slowly being created is the canvas that is me.

Each day bringing new hues and shadows

Forming a masterpiece-

that I, on my own, could never conceive.


My God, you alone are the Master Artist of my Soul.